30 March 2023
Bus stop relocation

Since March 30, some changes have taken place in the movement of corporate transport in Khimki Business Park.

Due to the blocking of a section of the road when driving along the understudy of the Leningradskoye highway from the roundabout near the Mega shopping center (between Mashkinsky and Novoskhodnensky highways) to the public transport stop "Monument", the use of this stop becomes impossible, since traffic is blocked and the exit to the Leningradskoye highway is closed.

A new stop for boarding and disembarking passengers of corporate transport of the Business Center will be located at 9-May Street, building. 18. Public bus stop has a similar name.  

25 March 2023
Earth Hour

On March 25, 2023, the environmental action “Earth Hour” is held all over the world, which is designed to draw attention to global environmental problems and climate change.

Anyone can take part in the action. This does not require special equipment or material costs. It is enough to reduce energy consumption to a minimum for an hour: turn off all appliances from sockets and refuse to use smartphones.

From 20:30 to 21:30 in Khimki Business Park, outdoor lighting was turned off and energy consumption in buildings was reduced.

We share with you simple and effective ways to care for the environment, which can become a daily good habit for all of us:

  • Water saving. Rational use of water in domestic needs, installation of appliances to save money, taking a shower instead of a bath.

  • Replacing a car with a bike. This will help to reduce exhaust gases, fuel consumption. In addition, the bicycle will allow you to keep yourself in good physical shape, improve the quality and length of life.

  • Refusal of toxic household chemicals in favor of environmentally friendly substances. Means with complex chemical compounds can be replaced with simple soda, vinegar or laundry soap.

  • Minimal use of plastic packaging. Purchases in the store are recommended to be folded, not in disposable plastic bags, but in reusable containers made of paper or fabric.

  • Garbage sorting. Separation of waste simplifies their processing, helps to reduce environmental pollution.

  • Help nature. Cleaning green areas, planting trees, cleaning ponds.

Even the smallest action matters a lot.


We are pleased and proud to inform you that Khimki Business Park has successfully passed the BREEAM in-Use certification graded "very good" and "good"

BREEAM in-Use certification is a tool which allows developers to reduce current costs and to improve the environmental impact of the existing buildings

Find out more about the certification on the official webpage of BREEAM