Ingka Centres pays great attention to the environment. Every time, launching a new service or introducing innovative solutions, such as:

  • img LED streetlamps
  • img Separate collection of waste
  • img Separate collection lamps and batteries
  • img Electric vehicles charging stations
  • img Shuttle buses fueled with eco-friendly methane
  • img Bench with solar panel
  • img Solar Powered Wind Generator

In our activities, we rely on vision —to improve everyday life for the many people.

Evalution of achievements:

The Green Apple
LED streetlamps

Solar powered

Throughout the territory of the Khimki Business Park complex, LED lights powered by solar panels are used. This contributes to significant energy savings.

Street lighting is necessary for safe movement on the street in the dark. In the winter period, when it gets dark quite early and dawns late, the demand for lighting increases several times. To provide a dark street with light, it is always necessary to keep the electricity on the lamp for a long time. Naturally, this is reflected in the increase in electricity consumption.

Today, LED lights have become available for wide use. LED lights are actively used not only for lighting streets, alleys and courtyards. They are installed on bridges, along highways and roads, to illuminate homesteads and territories of various objects.

One of the most significant advantages of LED lighting is the increased energy efficiency. In accordance with the LED bulbs consume 75% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs and last 25 times longer.

LED lamps also do not blind and do not tire the eyes. LED lighting also increases the safety of the workplace, because unlike fluorescent lamps, LED lamps do not break.

LED lamps are better not only for employees, but also for the environment. LED lamps help to reduce energy consumption, they also do not contain toxic elements, such as mercury, which are found in fluorescent lamps. When fluorescent lamps are thrown into landfills, they cause damage to the environment. To prevent this problem, you need to dispose of the fluorescent lamps through a special garbage container. LED lamps allow you to completely avoid this problem.
Waste to be recycled!

Separate and environmentally friendly

Ingka Centers has developed a sustainable development strategy that involves improving the environment around you and taking a responsible attitude to the world. Companies will carry out activities that support a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle, ensure that people with different opportunities have equally comfortable conditions, and also switch to a closed-loop economy to minimize waste and use of natural resources.

With the new system, the company plans to switch to renewable sources of heating and cooling by 2020, switch 100% of energy consumption to renewable sources by 2025, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2030. Khimki Business Park has been certified according to BREEAM-In-Use international green building system, which confirm that the buildings do not harm the environment and are safe for people. Partners and tenants of Ingka Group will also be selected based on the new strategy and will give preference to those who support the closed-loop economy.
Separate collection lamps and batteries

Let's save nature together!

Today, in our country, more than 90% of waste is sent to landfills, the territory of which increases by almost 4,000 square kilometers every year — this is the total area of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Properly organized garbage sorting in Russia will help solve a lot of problems: from air, water and soil pollution to forest fires.

We accept for recycling any batteries and accumulators, except lead-acid car batteries and batteries from uninterruptible power supplies with the inscription Lead Acid, as well as household mercury lamps with a length of no more than 65 cm.

Recycling used batteries and mercury-containing lamps helps not only to protect the environment from dangerous pollution, but also to reuse many materials.
Electric vehicles charging stations

Step into the future today

One of the key principles of Ingka Centers is a careful attitude to the environment.

The implementation of the project for the installation of charging stations is also due to the high demand not only for residents of our city, but also for its guests, in the context of the growing popularity of the use of electric vehicles as transport.

First of all, for the implementation of this project, we held discussions with the society of electric car owners to understand what our guests really need.

Four charging stations have been installed for use by a wide range of vehicles to support eco-friendly transport initiatives.
Three charging stations with up to 22kW AC power (Type 2);
One charging station with up to 24kW DC power (CS/CHAdeMO);
This will allow you to charge the car quickly enough, depending on its technical characteristics.
Shuttle buses fueled with eco-friendly methane

Getting to the office is easy

Ingka Centers cares about the environment, so it uses corporate buses running on methane in its activities. Methane-fueled buses have advantages over other fuels. Methane is cleaner, which increases the service life of the bus, the durability of the engine, and a small amount of exhaust gases is released into the atmosphere.

Thanks to eco-friendly buses, you can get to work easily and quickly. When installing methane, there are serious requirements that are associated with ensuring safety.

Ingka Centers contributes to the development of a low-carbon economy. The main task is waste-free production to take care of the current environment. The idea of environmental friendliness reflects the use of all technologies. The company provides services and shares its experience to inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of the current environmental situation.
Bench with solar panel
Solar panels have become popular over the past few years. People understand the importance of preserving the ecological situation. In many cities, solar benches are being actively installed. They allow you to quickly and safely charge your mobile device. You can charge several gadgets at the same time. Solar panels work even in cloudy weather due to energy storage.

Solar panels are an innovative development. For production, modern technology is used to obtain electrical and thermal energy.
Solar Powered Wind Generator
The main function of a wind generator is to convert wind energy into electrical energy. Modern models have improved performance, so they work even with small gusts of wind. Wind turbines that are equipped with solar panels are an excellent complete solution.
The Green Apple
The Green Apple Environment Awards were established in 1994 as an annual campaign to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world.

The Green Apple Awards scheme was the first to be accredited as an official feeder scheme into the European Business Awards for the Environment and it is now the only official feeder scheme into the Green World Awards, which are held in a different country every year.
Previous Green Apple Award winners have gone on to win European and World Awards, and many have taken on the status of International Green World Ambassadors by helping others around the world to help the environment.

International Property Awards
The inaugural International Property Awards were presented in 1993 and covered 10 different residential categories. Award winners gave favourable reports and feedback, noting a number of benefits ranging from increased profile and positive customer response to increased coverage from local and national press and improved staff morale.

The International Property Awards are open to residential and commercial property professionals from around the globe. They celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry. An International Property Award is a world-renowned mark of excellence.

The awards are split into regions covering Africa, Asia Pacific, Arabia, Canada, Caribbean, Central & South America, Europe, UK and USA. Participants enter at their relevant national level and are judged by a highly experienced team of professionals who cover the whole range of property disciplines.

The highest-scoring winners from each region are automatically entered into the overall International Awards, which ultimately determine the world’s finest property companies.

The awards are given for the quality of design, construction and presentation of individual properties and property developments, interiors, architecture and marketing. The awards are not an endorsement from any sponsor or judge but are a recognition of achievement in a particular category or discipline by an expert judging panel.

Source: International Property Awards

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Сертификация BREEAM In-Use является интсрументом, позволяющим девелоперам сократить текущие расходы и улучшить воздействие существующих зданий на экологию.

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